Almost eighty years after its foundation, Alberto Visconti Senesi S.r.l. still retains its goldsmith art and hand-crafted tradition by giving to every single item the particular appeal that exclusively resides within items made by expert artisans.

Alberto Visconti Senesi S.r.l. continues its own tradition availing itself of the cooperation with the world’s most renowened sculptors, designers and architects in order to realize several items which are shown in the catalogue.

AVS, which has been a leading company in the production of medals and many other goods for decades, has expanded its production in other market segments, holding a global preeminent position in metal cold pressing processes, engraving and serigraphy.

Thanks to vanguard equipments, which allow daily bulk production, the Alberto Visconti Senesi S.r.l. holds a front-rank position in the production of printed metal accessories for big advertisements, basic commodities and very widespread publications (newspapers and magazines) at very competitive prices.

Quality is surely the most distinctive characteristic of the Alberto Visconti Senesi S.r.l. and this is proven by tens of thousands of engraving moulds used to produce millions of pieces the world over.